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1997 - "Damn Yankees" Opens in London Adelphi Theater

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ABOUT "DAMN YANKEES": It's 1955, and the hated New York Yankees are in hot pursuit of yet another pennant, while the hapless Washington Senators again languish in the cellar. Senators fanatic Joe Boyd, distraught over his beloved team's apparent fate, makes a deal with the devil to become 22 again--and to become the long-ball hitter the team desperately needs.

Jerry Lewis JERRY LEWIS (Applegate) One night last fall my friend Jerry Lewis called at home. He was bursting. "I've got a secret," he confided. "I want you to know something terrific before it's announced." He paused. "What?" I asked. "I'm going to Broadway!" he shouted. I had a sense of what it meant to Jerry. After all the stage performances, the movies, the fame, the acclaim - this meant more. This was the fulfilled dream of a father and his small boy. A boy who began his career on a stage in the Catskills more than 60 years ago. Now, along with his father's spirit, he has made it to Broadway. "Congratulations," I said. "What do you feel right now?" "If the staff of Damn Yankees asked me right now what I'd like written in the Playbill," he replied, "I think I'd tell them not to use my credits, that this was so important to me that it eclipses all - except for one thing - that has gone before in my life. "Then I knew for sure how much appearing on Broadway really meant to my friend - because I knew what that "one thing" was. Jerry had shared with me years before the shining moment of his life, the day he learned he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. "Nothing need be written after this," he said at the time. Except this.

-Walter Anderson
Editor, Parade Magazine

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