"That's My Boy"

That's My Boy The first Martin and Lewis comedy, with a real storyline, is all about college football. Jerry plays "Junior" Jackson, the nebbish son of wealthy college alumnus and former All-American "Jarring Jack" Jackson (Eddie Mayehoff), who pushes his talentless son into playing football for his alma mater, Ridgeville. Realizing that Junior needs some special training, the domineering Jarring Jack hires Ridgeville player Bill Baker (Dean) to do the tutoring. Heisman Trophy winner from Michigan and real-life sports announcer Tom Harmon has a cameo as a sports announcer. This film was reviewed as one of the funniest film comedies ever, and a must see film by Martin & Lewis.

That's My Boy (1951). USA 1951. Black and White. Produced by: Paramount Pictures Language: English Genre/keyword: Comedy. Directed by Hal Walker.

Cast (in credits order) probably complete:
Dean Martin.... Bill Baker. Jerry Lewis.... "Junior" Jackson. Ruth Hussey.... Ann Jackson. Eddie Mayehoff.... "Jarring Jack" Jackson. Marion Marshall.... Terry Howard. Polly Bergen.... Betty Hunter. Hugh Sanders.... Coach Wheeler. John McIntire.... Benjamin Green. Francis Pierlot.... Henry Baker. Lillian Randolph.... May (Maid). Tom Harmon.... Sports Announcer. Selmer Jackson.... Doc Hunter. Cinematography by Lee Garmes.

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