"Three on a Couch"

Three On A Couch Christopher Pride (Jerry) wants to marry his psychiatrist girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Accord (Janet Leigh), but she is far too attached to her patientsí problems, and her concern will not allow her to leave them for a honeymoon. Finding out that her most dependent cases are victims of broken relationships, Christopher poses as assorted beaus in an effort to give the women self-confidence and a better outlook on relationships, so that they will be less dependent on his fiancee. This film was a great triumph for Jerry as a departure form his proven formulas into a more sophisticated comedy. The film is dramatically enhanced by the great acting ability and screen presence of Janet Leigh.


Three on a Couch (1966). USA. Color. Produced and Directed by: Jerry Lewis. Released by: Columbia Pictures. Language: English. Genre: Comedy. Runtime 109 min. Cast (in credits order): James Best .... Dr. Ben Mizer. Janet Leigh .... Dr. Elizabeth Acord. Jerry Lewis .... Christopher Pride/Warren/Ringo Raintree/Rutherford/Heather. Leslie Parrish .... Mary Lou Mauve. Mary Ann Mobley .... Susan Manning. Gila Golan .... Anna Jacque. Kathleen Freeman .... Murphy. Buddy Lester .... The Drunk. Renzo Cesana .... The Ambassador. Jesslyn Fax, Fritz Feld .... The Attache. Renie Riano. Written by Bob Ross, Samuel A. Taylor. Cinematography by W. Wallace Kelley. Music by Louis Y. Brown. Costume Design by Moss Mabry. Film Editing by Russel Wiles.

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